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Youth baseball bats have a 2 14 inch barrel diameter. It is important to try a variety of weighted bats because sometimes an off balanced bat can work well with your swing and give you more distance and accuracy.

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Make sure to check with your leagues rules and regulations for required certification stamps.

Baseball bat sizing youth.
As your child gets taller increase the bat size 1 inch at a time.
Here are the 3 steps to measuring a child for a baseball bat.
In order to maintain the integrity of youth baseball the usabat standard creates wood like performance in youth bats while allowing younger players to use light weight bats that could not be achieved with wood bats.

Youth basebal bats range from 26 inches to 32 inches in length.
These are drop weights recommended for children starting to play baseball.
Youth baseball bats range from a 7 to 13 length to weight ratio or drop weight length drop.

Beginning january 1 2018 several youth baseball organizations have adopted a new usa baseball bat standard.
Bat weight sizing is available in all types of bats such as big barrel bat varieties and of course old school wood bats.
Step 1 measure the childs height be sure to measure your childs height with cleats on.

If your child is 3 and 34 a 26 inch bat may be the best size to start with.
Youth baseball bats if you are a new player that makes his first baseball steps you should start with a bat that has a 10 or 12 drop weight.
The objective of this rule change is to make the game more uniform and ensure the long term integrity of the game.

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